Time Out Market Fenway opening Thursday, June 27th! 

Our fourth location will open on June, 27th, 2019 and is situated inside Time Out Market. This curated marketplace in the heart of Fenway features some of Boston’s best chefs and purveyors of exceptional drinks, cuisine, and culture. The Market is nestled inside the 401 Park Drive Building, an architectural icon in Boston formerly known as Sears, Roebuck, & Co. It maintains the industrial design of the infrastructure built in 1929 while bringing modern innovation throughout its fifteen different food vendors.

George Howell Coffee at Time out Market features the same quality single-origin coffees as our previous three locations. Our stall includes weekly rotating drip coffee and a full espresso bar, as well as Modbar automated pour overs. Enjoy signature handcrafted beverages alongside an array of local artisan pastries.

Time Out Market incorporates a communal space to gather and appreciate a variety of cuisines as curated by the editors of the popular publication. We are happy to be included as one of the fifteen vendors and share our passion for exceptional coffee with the local community.