Brew Guides and Videos

cup-iconone 8oz cup or 231 grams

kalita #155
kalita filters
burr grinder
pouring kettle
digital scale

16-19 grams


265 grams 201-205° F

brew-time-iconbrew time:
between 2:55-3:05

One: Put a filter in the Kalita Wave, and place on top of a server or mug.

Two: Fill pouring kettle with hot water and rinse filter until you feel heat on the outside of the cone and discard water.

Three: Weigh coffee to desired strength (16-19 grams) and grind.

Four: Place the Kalita Wave with server on a scale. Add coffee, shake to level the coffee bed, zero the scale, and fill the pouring kettle with hot water.

Five: Start timer and your pour at the same time.

Six: Pouring is split into six separate pours of 44g of water in 15 seconds*, and allowing to drain for 15 seconds in between each pour.

Seven: Start each pour in the center. Work your way out and then back to the center, in concentric circles, saturating any dark spots of coffee on the surface.

Eight: Coffee should finish draining around 3:00. Remove the Kalita Wave. Serve.

Filter Tip: Store filters in a cup pressing them down so they retain their shape. Rinse filters by pouring hot water directly in the middle of the filter to ensure the ‘waves’ in the filter do not collapse.

Grind Tip: All grinders will produce a mix of course and fine particles – none are perfect, however, burr grinders produce far more uniformity. If your
resulting cup is too strong and/or bitter, adjust your grind slightly coarser. If it is too weak and/or sour, adjust slightly finer.