The following is a message from Raul & Henio R. Perez of La Soledad farm in Guatemala. The Perez family periodically send George updates regarding the condition of the farm and the production of their crop.


Officially the rainy season has begun in Guatemala. And with this a whole new set of labor at the farm.

First we started to see how the weeds and grass are growing… too fast most of the time. But it is good since we can keep a big amount for soil coverage these days – which we need, especially due to the excess of rain in a short time that is falling. (90 mm / 3.5 inches of rain in 4 hrs) at some level we need to prevent erosion.

Community-La-Soledad-Guatemala-1It is also time to start planting… so the first thing we do is plant our nursery. So good to see our little “Soldiers” coming out after 45 days of germination. Bags are ready, worm compost is ready, all good for planting.


It is time to Fertilize too… We now start applying fertilizer to the soil, because it is time for coffee trees to start growing and beans to develop on the branches. But first we added some lime to the soil to balance the pH and balance the Mg-K- Ca. (complicated soil balance).


Community-La-Soledad-Guatemala-4Leaf Rust is also ready to emerge but we are ready to fight it back. This year expecting a higher yield also means the Coffee Trees can get weak and disease can affect them very easily. So we are increasing the worm compost (VERMICOMPOST) fertilizer to places that will produce more coffee this year and also we will be spraying the Vermicompost Tea along with other organic fertilizers to help the coffee tree to be strong and healthy.

Raul Perez & Henio R. Perez

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