Saturday, January 16th | 11am-1pm | $15 | More Info


Want to recreate that delicious cup of coffee at home and make the best out of the beans you purchase? Then please join George Howell Coffee for an interactive educational experience at the Kitchen at Boston Public Market.

George Howell will start the class providing insight into the science behind achieving ideal extraction and flavor balance. Learn how water-to-coffee ratio differences contribute to a vast variance in coffee strength. George explains other variables that affect the final brew, such as origin and altitude of the beans grown, the roasting process and the importance of the correct grind. We will use the Bonavita, Chemex and French Press to demonstrate the principles of brewing great coffee. Participants will have time to practice brewing on the Chemex and French Press brewers to allow side-by-side taste comparisons.

This course will empower you to produce the sweetest coffee at the strength YOU like, whether you have an automatic coffeemaker or a manual brewer!

Our Principles of Coffee Brewing class will be held on Saturday January 16th from 11-1pm for a fee of $15. All participants will receive a complimentary bag of George Howell Coffee and personalized instruction tailored to your individual home coffee preparation.


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