Jamison Savage, an expat from the United States, has dedicated the past 10 years in Panama shaping his farm Finca Deborah to great renown. Located in the Chiriqui Province of Panama, where the prized Gesha variety first came to world attention, Finca Deborah finds itself situated on the slopes of Volcán. It is one of the highest altitude farms in the region at over 1900 meters. The 2016 Barista Competition in Dublin was won by Berg Wu using the farm’s washed lot, shedding light on its impressive quality. Competitors have continued to place in international competitions with coffee from Finca Deborah throughout the past few years. The lush surroundings of rainforest, sufficient rainfall, and undisturbed ecosystem have made for ideal coffee growing conditions. Our three Gesha offerings are each incredibly unique and diverse based on the techniques that went into their processing.

Afterglow – Roasting March 29 2021

“Afterglow” is a stellar example of a beautifully refined, naturally-processed coffee. Unlike the washed production method where coffee cherries are pulped, removing the outer fruit from the seed within, natural-processing allows the cherry to remain fully intact from its harvest until it is completely dried. This results in a rich, vibrant coffee that has a discernibly sweet fruit note throughout. A difficult process, much care and dedication goes into monitoring the seeds as they dry over the course of 20 days on three-tiered, raised drying beds. The coffee is placed in “reposo,” or rests for a minimum of 45-60 days to enhance flavor and shelf life, while multiple cuppings are performed to ensure quality. The result is a heavily-bodied, fruit-forward coffee that only enhances all the florals native to the Gesha variety.

Illumination – Roasting April 5 2021

“Illumination” is the most experimental lot of the three, incorporating a relatively new processing method for coffee, carbonic maceration. Used in the wine industry for decades with the likes of Beaujolais Nouveau, carbonic maceration has been known to impart bright flavors through the integration of carbon dioxide throughout processing. Coffee has only been involved with carbonic maceration for a few years, with Jamison of Finca Deborah being one of the major industry leaders in fine-tuning the process. Coffee cherries are carefully selected, pulped, placed in tanks and monitored closely for PH, temperatures, and levels of Co2. The resulting coffee that emerges is an exceptional burst of florals, heavy fruit notes, and an unmistakable effervescence.

Terroir – Roasting April 12 2021

“Terroir” is a prime example of the delicate, intrinsic flavors that comprise a classic washed Gesha coffee. The word “terroir” itself infers a sense of place, and the flavors of this coffee derive from the rich, volcanic soil and high elevations from where it is grown. Cherries are carefully harvested and sorted, then demucilaged before being washed, dried, and rested—a process that removes the majority of the outer fruit while enough remains to ferment into an ideal level of sweetness. Complex florals and light citrus notes encompass the resulting coffee, qualities that Gesha coffee is acclaimed for.