Six Exciting Ethiopian Coffees Coming Your Way

Ethiopia Harvest Sorting

We have received all our Ethiopian coffees from the latest annual harvest. They are all new to us and we are excited to explore them with you, starting with our first new harvest Ethiopian, Chelchele, launched in September. Each has been chosen for their exceptional sweetness, character and clarity from our cuppings of many samples. Getting to really know a coffee, however, comes from drinking more than once a full cup and appreciating its flavor changes as it cools. In this way, we, at George Howell Coffee, join with you in that coming exploration.
We will offer each lot as a light roast, especially suited for drip brewing in our opinion – and as a darker espresso roast, which we believe to be ideal for French press, demitasse and espresso.
We will be going through the Ethiopians in the following order:
1.    Chelchele (now into November) – Jasmine | Peach |Candy Lemon
2.    Duromina Cooperative (Holiday Season) – Plum | Ginger | Lychee
3.    Nano Challa Cooperative (January) – Tangerine | Earl Grey |Coriander
4.    Homacho Waeno (late winter – early spring) – Lemon Grass| Apricot | Watermelon
5.    Gigesa (Spring) – Lavender | Strawberry | Golden Raisin
6.    Kercha Inshe (late Spring, early summer) – Grapefruit | Orange | Lychee
These light-roast tasting-notes are based on our most recent cuppings!  Cupping allows one to judge the quality of a coffee and some of its flavor notes, but it does not necessarily capture its essence.  That takes time, as in savoring multiple times a brewed coffee.  Already, we have noted the Chelchele to have evolved from the time we purchased it, so the description above is a bit different from our previously labelled description!  In conclusion, these notes should really be taken as first impressions.
Let’s begin!

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